Remington Model 11 ... Not quite a Browning A-5 ... but, really close

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Remington Model 11 ... Not quite a Browning A-5 ... but, really close

Postby magicrat » Mon Dec 30, 2019 5:54 pm

I have my Grandfathers' 1942 Remington Model 11.

This week I replaced the wood stock (fore and aft) with Synthetic.

I bought one for a Browning A-5, which is the same patent as the Remington Model 11. I could not find one for the Model 11.

Well, they are "close" ... but, it will not "just fit". There's some drilling required.

I got it here:

There are 3 variations of the A-5 ... and they all have to do with that "tang" on the bottom of the gun at the rear stock mount. I think mine falls into the "second variation". No way to know.

To get it to fit, you have to ream out on the rear stock about 2 mm. The hole has to be more "straight" (straight up and down ... perpendicular to the gun) to get it to bolt up. I used a reamer drill bit ... and got it in there.

When you put the bolt back into the rear stock to hold it all together, you can't tighten the fastening screw all the way down ... or the action won't work. You have to screw it in about half way.

It's good enough.

If you wanted to forgo the reaming, I actually think "just friction" would hold it all in place ... or even some strong liquid adhesive (it's amazing what they have these days). But, alas, I did ream it out and screw it in.

Here's a picture:
-- Rat


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