LESHP xmeye Wireless Video Doorbell - Setup - Install - icSEE

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LESHP xmeye Wireless Video Doorbell - Setup - Install - icSEE

Postby magicrat » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:45 pm


I bought the "M3 LESHP Wireless Video Doorbell 1080P WiFi Door bell Two-way Talk Home Alarm Security HD 2.4G Phone Remote PIR Motion" from Alibaba in November 2018. The QR code to install the required app ("icSEE") to control the camera led to http://d.xmeye.net.CSee ... which was wrong and didn't work.

This is a VERY cheap Chinese doorbell camera ... but I got it to work. So, read on ...

Purchase.JPG (160.02 KiB) Viewed 4630 times

Various internet searches for an app that would work with this device led to spam, adware, and software downloads that had so many security vulnerabilities that my Samsung Galaxy S7 would not "allow files of this type to be installed for my security". Many of these links tried to download "rogue" APK files ... and you know what that means.

Judging from several on-line posts, a lot of people that bought this camera could not get it to work ... and threw it in the trash can. Here is a picture of my actual camera ...

MyActualDoorbellCamera.jpg (1.97 MiB) Viewed 4623 times

THE PROBLEM: The instructions that come with the camera tell you to download the "icSEE" app ... and that is wrong. If you scan the QR code in the cryptic, 2 page, microscopic writing instructions that come with the camera ... well, that's wrong, too. Worse, when you Google for help ... all you get are instructions on how to drill in screws to mount the thing to the wall ... not software instructions. The app that actually works (as of 7 DEC 2018) is called "AnySee" ... from "Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,LTD." ... and it IS available from the Google Play Store.

Good news ... this post is all about the software install ... and the correct App.

I think (but don't know) that the original link to the "icSEE" app had security issues and was dropped by the Google Play Store. There are several "spam" apps in the Google Play store right now called "icSEE" that basically are "click-ware" designed to promote somebodies $$ for "add clicks".

**** Instructions On How to install the "AnySee" app that will work ... and it's a bit crazy ...

1) Install "AnySee" from HanZhou XionMai Technologies from the Google Play store

2) Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network that the doorbell will be using (if you don't do this, it won't work ... you can't just do the rest of these steps while connected to your cellphone's service provider ... you MUST connect your phone to the wi-fi network that the doorbell will be using).

CYBER SECURITY NOTE: I have a VERY sophisticated network in my home. I set up a VLAN just for this device. It is TOTALLY separated from the rest of my network (which has several other VLANS). This device is very likely FULL of security problems. But for me ... on it's own VLAN (which cost me $0 to create) ... hey, it works.

3) On the doorbell ... hold the reset button (on the back) 6 seconds to restore to factory settings. It will shut down when done.

4) After it shuts down, press the doorbell button to turn it on. It may talk to you and say, "ready to configure".

5) Open the Anysee app on your phone and select local logon. VERY IMPORTANT ... SELECT "LOCAL LOGON". Never select cloud login. Do not ever put in a user/password for that. When looking at the screen, you will think you have to do the "cloud logon" ... DO NOT DO THAT.

6) After clicking "local Login", go through the prompts and the process to configure your doorbell to "see" your router. It will NOT work. It will take about 3 minutes of a screen with a "spinning countdown dialog" ... and it will NOT work. That's OK ...

7) When the router search fails, select "read QR code". This will put the QR code on the phone's screen. Now you are going to do something totally counter-intuitive. You are going to hold the phone in front of the doorbell camera (6 inches or so ... now wave the phone around a bit ... move it closer ... move it further ... for about 30 seconds) ... eventually, the doorbell will talk to you ... and it will say that it found the network. This is a bit squirrely .... but, it will actually work. It will find the network and it will tell you that via voice.

8) Next, it will present you with a screen to change the doorbell password. Do that. Write it down someplace safe ... and do NOT lose it.

9) It might ask you to "enable notifications" for the "AnySee" app. Do that, that's how you will get notifications on your phone when someone presses the doorbell button.

That's it.

The newly added device will now show on the "devices screen".

The "devices screen" is even a bit confusing. Your doorbell device will show as an item (at the top of the list if you only have one). Press it ... and after "waking" (which may take 10 to 20 seconds) it will show the video.

... and ... AMEN ... it works.

That's what you get for $42.

-- Rat


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